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Nomination Procedures

Complete nomination packages will include:

  • A Summary of Actions that form the basis for the nomination (about 250 words);
  • A Letter of Nomination that enumerates the ways in which the person reflects the purpose of this award, including scholarship, activism, and community building;
  • The candidate’s curriculum vitae (3-page maximum);
  • A list of underrepresented students mentored with year PhD earned, institution and current employment. Please use the following templates:
  • A maximum of five supporting letters from students and three supporting letters from colleagues representative of the different spheres in which the candidate has demonstrated effort, results, and commitment. Letters of nominations for candidates who are not direct doctoral mentors must indicate how the nominee mentored graduate students before and during the graduate school years.
  • Nominations must be made in English.
  • Please note: Nominees can be nominated up to three times. If you know this cadidate was previously nominated for either award, please indicate so in your Letter of Nomination.